YouTubers Mixed Baking Soda With 10,000 Liters Of Coca-Cola – And The Results Were Absolutely Insane

After years of preparation, Maxim Monakhov’s now on the verge of finally seeing his insane experiment unfold. He’s spent thousands of dollars on obtaining all the right materials, but now comes the tricky part. He’s going to add baking soda to 10,000 liters of Coca-Cola, all in the hope of witnessing something spectacular. The question is: will all his hard work pay off? And, perhaps more importantly, is it going to be safe?

We’ve all seen what happens when you add Mentos or baking soda to a big bottle of Coke. There are, after all, plenty of videos of people doing it online. And chances are pretty high that you’ve even given it a go yourself. But now Monakhov wants to take things to the extreme.

Rumor has it that Russian Monakhov – who’s more widely known by his YouTube name Mamix – has invested something close to 700,000 rubles into his experiment. That works out at roughly $9,500, which is a huge amount of cash for a venture like this. If nothing else, it shows just how committed the popular YouTuber is to entertaining his audience.

Along with his companions, Monakhov figured that it’s probably best to pull this stunt off outside of any urban areas. That’s probably wise, given the uncertainties surrounding crazy experiments like this. Who knows how big the chemical reaction caused by the combination of all this Coke and baking soda will be?

So, here they are now, in a big field with nobody else around to get hurt. It’s time to get going. Into a giant container, Monakhov and his crew pour thousands upon thousands of liters of Coke. And now comes the moment of truth: they’re ready to add the baking soda.