20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring In 2019 – And 20 Who Could Be Next To Go

When people think of pro wrestling, the images that spring to mind no doubt belong to the rings of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Yet WWE is actually encountering some genuine competition to its brand for the first time in almost two decades. In fact, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has taken the industry by storm – and has already poached several well-known WWE talents. The biggest name so far is megastar Matt Hardy, who jumped ship in March 2020, and he’s not alone. Here are 20 superstars who left WWE in 2019 – and 20 more who could soon follow them out the door in 2020.

20. Dean Ambrose

In January 2019 it was announced that Dean Ambrose, a former WWE Champion, would be leaving the company after WrestleMania 35 in April. It is believed WWE tried to convince him to stay by offering a much-improved contract – but it was to no avail. You see, Ambrose subsequently signed with AEW and became its World Champion in February 2020, wrestling under the ring name “Jon Moxley.”

19. Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger, a popular talent on WWE’s developmental brand NXT, experienced some success on the main roster’s SmackDown following his call-up in 2017. After injury stunted his progress, however, Dillinger requested his release from the company in February 2019. He then signed with AEW, wrestling under the name “Shawn Spears.”

18. Hideo Itami/KENTA

Hideo Itami endured a tough five years with WWE – before requesting his release in January 2019. The Japanese star debuted on NXT in 2014 but said he struggled to adapt to the WWE ring-style. He also suffered a devastating shoulder injury that derailed his momentum. So Itami moved back to his native Japan to wrestle under his pre-WWE ring name “KENTA.”

17. Rhyno


Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) veteran Rhyno did the unthinkable in 2019 when he left WWE – turning down a contract offer worth more than double his salary. He then immediately moved to Impact Wrestling. The star later explained his reasoning to Wrestling Inc., saying he could better serve the industry by helping discover and nurture young talent.

16. TJP

T. J. Perkins wrestled for WWE from 2016 to 2019, and during that run he won the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic tournament and the Cruiserweight Championship. Yet Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio alleged that his release was due to “disciplinary” issues, with some company insiders apparently declaring him hard to work with. But TJP has since wrestled for Impact and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

15. Goldust


“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes is currently rolling back the years in AEW, battling against (and alongside) his younger half-brother, Cody. Rhodes – who wrestled in WWE as the enigmatic Goldust – had let his WWE contract run down in early 2019. But the star may have already been planning the move to AEW, because after the customary 90-day no-compete clause in his agreement was up, he immediately debuted there!

14. Luke Harper

The story of Luke Harper’s WWE release is a long and torturous one. In fact, it took eight months from the time Harper first asked for his release to the time the managers finally granted it. And WWE reportedly added six months to Harper’s contract due to an injury layoff he’d had following a wrist issue. But the wrestler was eventually able to sign with AEW.

13. The Ascension


At one point, Konnor and Viktor – a.k.a. The Ascension – were the longest-reigning tag-team champions on NXT. But the pair were never able to emulate that success on WWE’s main roster. Sadly, then, The Ascension were released in December 2019 after eight months in which they didn’t appear on television. Since their release, though, Konnor and Viktor have wrestled for New York’s Outlaw Wrestling promotion.

12. Sin Cara

In November 2019 Sin Cara announced on Twitter that he’d requested his release from WWE. He posted the statement in Spanish, saying he felt that he had become stuck in a position where he wasn’t valued as a talent. Less than a month later, WWE unsurprisingly granted the release – despite the Mexican superstar reportedly having three years to run on his contract.

11. Jordan Myles


Jordan Myles had a short tenure in NXT that unfortunately ended with a significant amount of acrimony. You see, Myles signed in February 2019 and won the NXT Breakout Tournament, before going on to face NXT Champion Adam Cole for the belt. However, the newcomer was released in November 2019 after airing his grievances on social media over a WWE t-shirt design he believed was “racially insensitive.”

10. Stacey Ervin Jr.

In an Instagram statement on April 26, 2019, Stacey Ervin Jr. claimed he is the “highest flyer” to ever perform for WWE – in terms of the height and airtime of his leaps. Sadly, though, the former gymnast never debuted on the main roster and only made one NXT TV appearance. Ervin Jr. subsequently requested his release from WWE, allegedly due to a concussion scare.

9. Arn Anderson


Legendary “Four Horsemen” member Arn Anderson toiled for WWE as a road agent/producer from 2002 until February 2019. Then he was unexpectedly fired. Wrestling Inc. revealed in March that Anderson had reportedly allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle a match despite her arriving intoxicated. So when Vince McMahon found out, Anderson was apparently given his marching orders.

8. Dean Malenko

Dean Malenko worked for WWE from 2000, initially as a performer. He then became a road agent following his retirement from the ring. But in 2019 he left the company of his own volition. In an interview with RF Video, Malenko claimed he had other business interests outside of wrestling that he wanted to explore. But, less than a month later, the star joined AEW as a senior producer.

7. Eric Bischoff


Eric Bischoff, the former WCW president and public general manager of Raw, was surprisingly rehired by WWE in June 2019 as executive director of SmackDown. However, he was fired just four months later. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live would later claim that Bischoff was unfamiliar with the current WWE product and talent roster and was often elusive backstage.

6. Dasha Fuentes

The story of Dasha Fuentes’ release from WWE is seemingly harsh. Initially signed in 2014 as a wrestler, she was assigned to developmental. Fuentes then transitioned to ring announcing and backstage interviewing, before debuting on the main roster in this role. However, the star was fired in April 2019 – and revealed to Chris Van Vliet that it was due to “a tiny little blip” in an interview with Roman Reigns.

5. Kurt Angle


Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle returned to WWE in 2017 in an on-screen general manager role. He would sporadically wrestle over the next few years, too, before competing in a retirement match with Baron Corbin at 2019’s WrestleMania 35. The 50-year-old Angle told Collider Live that the match was his decision, as he knew people were saying he had become slower and looked in pain while wrestling.

4. Batista

Angle wasn’t the only performer to hang up his boots at WrestleMania 35. Guardians Of The Galaxy star Dave Bautista had returned to WWE to work a feud with Triple H, and the pair engaged in a brutal No Holds Barred match at the event. That very night, though, Bautista announced on Instagram that he’d experienced his “story book ending” and was “officially retiring from Sports Entertainment.”

3. Brie Bella


In a March 2019 episode of reality show Total Bellas, Brie Bella announced that she had retired from in-ring competition. She told her twin sister, Nikki, that she intended the women’s pay-per-view Evolution to be her last event – and after it she would be “fully retired.”

2. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella announced her own retirement on Total Bellas the very same month as her sister, Brie. In June 2019, however, Nikki revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that it wasn’t her choice to retire. In fact, she had struggled with neck injuries and then found out she had a cyst on her brain. So the medical professionals called time on her career.

1. The Rock


Dwayne Johnson became possibly the biggest film star in the world after he left WWE in 2004. But over the years he has come back to the ring for select runs. In 2019, however, Johnson announced on Live with Kelly and Ryan that he had “quietly retired from wrestling.” This meant that an impromptu six-second match with Erick Rowan at 2016’s WrestleMania 32 was his last bout.

20. Andrade and Charlotte Flair

This might seem like a stretch considering that both Andrade and Charlotte Flair have experienced huge success in WWE in recent years. Andrade has won the United States Championship, for instance, and Flair has held women’s championships a record 11 times. Yet Fightful reported in November 2019 that Andrade and Flair applied to trademark different ring names: La Sombra and Ashley Flair, respectively. So perhaps the real-life couple are preparing for a move away.

19. Rusev


One of the most popular wrestlers on WWE’s roster, Rusev has also been one of its most underused performers in recent years. In fact, the star is currently involved in a lengthy contract dispute with the company and hasn’t been seen on TV since the January 20, 2020, episode of Raw. Maybe he’ll show up in AEW before the end of 2020?

18. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio, arguably the most famous Luchador to wrestling fans worldwide, was involved in a main-event storyline with Brock Lesnar in late 2019. Yet Mysterio lost that bout. And though he was to perform at WrestleMania 36, the star was forced to miss the taping due to ill health. For what it’s worth, Cody Rhodes has also publicly said he’d love to sign Mysterio for AEW once his contract finishes.

17. The Revival


It seems a foregone conclusion that The Revival will leave WWE in 2020. After all, the tag team have already asked to be released twice. Reports have also surfaced that the pair have filed trademark applications for the name of their finishing move and their catchphrases. They have allegedly turned down new five-year deals, too, and insiders say The Revival are simply not happy in WWE.

16. EC3

Ethan Carter III, a.k.a. EC3, has endured two terms in WWE, both of which have been frustrating. Having departed in 2013, he worked hard to make himself a star in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA, now dubbed Impact Wrestling) and was rewarded with a return to WWE in 2018. However, aside from a pursuit of the 24/7 Championship, which was mostly played for laughs, EC3 has experienced little success and limited TV time.

15. Mike Kanellis


Mike and Maria Kanellis signed five-year contract extensions with WWE in June 2019. But only four months later, Mike asked to be released. Maria became pregnant with their second child soon after they signed, too, and though this was worked into a storyline, it quietly fizzled out. Former WWE wrestler Bubba Ray Dudley told Busted Open Radio that he’d heard that the couple had “misled” WWE in negotiations and that there may be some backstage bad feelings toward them.

14. Eric Young

A “TNA Original,” Eric Young spent 12 years with that promotion before somewhat unexpectedly signing for WWE in 2016. He then led the bad-guy stable SAnitY in NXT, but since moving up to the main roster that group has disbanded. Young now mostly appears on TV in losses to younger, more spotlighted superstars. And at the age of 40, his time in WWE may be running out.

13. Sasha Banks


Following a four-month hiatus in the aftermath of WrestleMania 35, during which it is believed she contemplated quitting WWE, Sasha Banks returned. It seemed like she and the company had put everything behind them. But, considering rumors have swirled for several years about Banks being unhappy, it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise if she left WWE for good in 2020.

12. Cedric Alexander

In 2019 Cedric Alexander’s star was on the rise. He even teamed with Roman Reigns on several episodes of Raw and challenged A. J. Styles for the United States Championship. This push stopped abruptly, however, and he was soon losing in short squash matches. Vince McMahon had reportedly given up on him, and Alexander then voiced his frustrations on Twitter. So he could perhaps join AEW in 2020, where his wife wrestles under the moniker Big Swole.

11. Lars Sullivan


Few wrestlers have stoked as much controversy in a short time as Lars Sullivan, real name Dylan Miley. And 2020 could just be the year when WWE decides to cut ties with the injured superstar. What happened? Well, soon after Sullivan debuted on the main roster in 2019, evidence emerged of old racist and homophobic posts he had made on a bodybuilding forum. It was later revealed that he had once performed in homosexual pornographic movies, too.

10. Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura is an icon of Japanese wrestling and has been a featured WWE performer since 2016. Despite Nakamura winning the NXT as well as the United States and Intercontinental Championships, some believe he hasn’t been allowed to fulfil his potential in the promotion. And although the star is apparently happy with life in America, it’s possible he could decide that he wants a new challenge in 2020.

9. Cesaro


The “Swiss Superman” Cesaro is another superstar who fans feel has never gotten his due in WWE. Despite being widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers, the wrestler rarely rises above the midcard. Yet on Busted Open Radio, WWE “Hall Of Famer” Mark Henry suggested that Cesaro hadn’t already left because he may want to work with WWE in a backstage capacity.

8. Robert Roode

Robert Roode has featured in a notable tag team with Dolph Ziggler since mid-2019. In late 2019, however, Roode was suspended for 30 days for violating the terms of WWE’s wellness policy. And according to WrestlingNews.co, WWE will release the stars it feels won’t be simply snapped up by the likes of AEW. So perhaps the 42-year-old Roode should be on his best behavior for the rest of 2020.

7. Ember Moon


SummerSlam 2019 saw Ember Moon challenge Bayley for her SmackDown Women’s Championship. This was Moon’s WWE peak. It was followed by a losing streak of five matches and then an ankle injury that kept her out of action. So the star may want to leave the company in 2020 – especially if a rumor about Vince McMahon not liking her is in any way true.

6. Peyton Royce

One half of The IIconics tag team, Peyton Royce may decide to move on from WWE in 2020 for a few reasons. The first is that she and Billie Kay have barely featured on television since losing their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship in August 2019. But also her husband, Shawn Spears, left WWE for AEW in May 2019 – and she may want to follow him there.

5. Kane


Glenn Jacobs, the seven-foot-tall athlete who has portrayed the demonic character Kane in WWE since 1997, is now the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. This move into politics, plus the fact that he is 52 years old, would surely indicate Jacobs will retire from the ring in 2020. However, he has been resistant to the idea, telling the After The Bell podcast, “I’m never gonna leave WWE.”

4. Goldberg

Now 53, Bill Goldberg lost his Universal Championship bout in April 2020 at WrestleMania 36 to Braun Strowman. And retirement rumors have swirled around him for years. Goldberg also recently told the Total Slam podcast, “I’m considering my retirement match in Israel.” Perhaps 2020 will see the Jewish superstar wrestle that fitting last match, then.

3. Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is the only person in history to hold both the UFC and WWE World Championship titles. This makes him a special attraction, and he is remunerated accordingly. Even so, Lesnar’s latest WWE contract expires in May 2020, and it’s conceivable that he may want to move away from pro-wrestling. He could potentially return to mixed martial arts or take some time off, for instance.

2. Big Show

“The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show returned to Raw in January 2020, following a year-long injury layoff. But he hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since. Perhaps that’s due to him filming The Big Show Show, a Netflix sitcom where he plays a fictionalized version of himself. With a burgeoning acting career and limited ring time, then, perhaps 2020 will be the time Big Show calls it a day.

1. The Undertaker


The world believed The Undertaker had retired following WrestleMania 33. You see, the Phenom left his gloves, coat and hat in the ring in a poignant symbolic gesture. But he surprised many by continuing to wrestle semi-regularly for the next few years. Rumors suggested November 2020’s Survivor Series pay-per-view is being earmarked for his legitimate retirement, though, as that event is where The Undertaker debuted 30 years ago.

So what will these pros do if they decide to step out of the ring? Well, the likes of The Rock, John Cena and Dave Bautista all moved into Hollywood after their professional wrestling careers ended. But some of their peers simply returned to normality once they quit the theater of the ring. So here’s a look at 20 WWE stars who now make a living doing much more ordinary jobs.

40. Spike Dudley


“Little” Spike Dudley was certainly the trippiest wrestler ever to grace the ring. The man born Matthew Hyson would pretend as though he was on LSD whenever he competed. But since leaving the WWE back in the mid-‘00s, the star has acted a little more responsibly. As well as continuing to perform on the independent wrestling circuit, Hyson has also worked as a specialist in the field of financial transitions.

39. Maven

Maven once admitted that his time in the WWE had left him with various health issues such as severe middle and lower back pain. Despite his ailments, the star continued to work in a job that required him to use his muscles after hanging up his wrestling boots. And in order to make ends meet, Maven served as a nightclub bouncer.

38. Marc Mero


Marc Mero found WWE fame in the mid-‘90s when he was crowned the Intercontinental Champion. Sadly, the wrestler was forced to quit the organization due to injury within a few years of his victory. After retiring altogether from the sport in 2006, Mero reinvented himself as a motivational speaker. Drawing upon his own experiences of addiction, he tours community colleges and schools to warn youngsters about the problems of substance abuse.

37. Molly Holly

Molly Holly once rivaled Lita and Trish Stratus as the WWE’s leading lady, but she decided to quit the organization in 2005 after slipping down the pack. Holly continued to perform on the independent wrestling scene before changing career completely. She worked with the one-year substance abuse rehab program known as the Minnesota Teen Challenge and has also helped give back further by helping kids with special needs.

36. Kamala


With his warpaint, African mask and loincloth – not to mention shield and spear – Kamala was one of the most formidable-looking wrestlers of the 1980s. Sadly the man born James Harris paid a heavy price for his entertaining antics. The star refused to undergo dialysis treatment for his diabetes in order to continue with his wrestling career. Subsequently, he later had to have both of his legs amputated. To top up his disability check, Harris later began selling wooden handmade chairs.

35. Chris Nowinski

Chris Nowinski was forced to quit the WWE having experienced a number of concussions. And he’s since made it his mission to prevent other sportsmen from suffering the same fate. Nowinski founded the Concussion Legacy Foundation – an organization which uses treatment, research and education to help solve a problem that has plagued the sporting world.

34. Harvey Wippleman


Harvey Wippleman managed the likes of Giant Gonzalez, Bertha Faye and Sid Justice during his colorful wrestling career. But he also occasionally stepped inside the ring himself – most notably becoming the only male winner of the WWF Women’s Championship in 2001. Wippleman – aka Bruno Lauer – remains within the sport; but instead of taking the limelight, he now works backstage as a concierge.

33. AJ Lee

AJ Lee – or April Jeanette Mendez – was crowned Divas Champion on three separate occasions during her triumphant WWE stint. Following her retirement from the ring, the star revealed all about her experiences in a memoir titled Crazy Is My Superpower. And she’s continued to pursue a career in writing by working with Aimee Garcia on a comic book spin-off from Netflix’s wrestling dramedy GLOW.

32. Bart Gunn


A man of many names, Michael Polchlopek competed in the ring as Bart Gunn and Bodacious Bart as well as one-half of tag team The Smoking Gunns. The star had previously worked as an electrician before joining the WWF. And after retiring from the organization, the WWE said that Polchlopek decided to return to the exact same pre-wrestling job.

31. Val Venis

Val Venis was the innuendo-obsessed ripped wrestler who apparently spent his downtime shooting porn. The man behind such a risque persona – Sean Allen Morley – went on to focus on another very adult pursuit after leaving the ring. The ex-wrestler has since become a fervent advocate of the pro-legalization of marijuana movement and also has his own pot dispensary in Arizona.

30. Muhammad Hassan


Mark Copani gave up his degree studies in 2002 to pursue a career as wrestler Muhammad Hassan. But after being controversially booted out of the WWE in 2005 he decided to go back to SUNY Buffalo to finish his education. Copani later worked as a teacher of social studies before landing the role of principal at Fulton Junior High School in New York.

29. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. followed in the footsteps of his wrestling father Salvador when he joined the WWE in the early ‘00s. And the Texan native has continued to extend his family’s legacy since leaving the ring. Guerrero Jr. has not only appeared as El Mayordomo in Netflix hit GLOW but he’s also helped to train many of its actresses how to pull off their wrestling personas convincingly.

28. Kane


Glenn Thomas Jacobs couldn’t be further removed from the devilish Kane persona he created for the world of WWE. During his long-running stint in the organization, he also built up an insurance agency with his wife in Knoxville. And after emerging victorious in both the Republican primary and general election of 2018, Jacobs was named as the Mayor of Knox County.

27. Skinner

Steve Keirn shot to WWF fame in the early 1990s as the tobacco-chewing alligator hunter Skinner. He’s since helped a whole host of other wrestlers to build a career in the sport as the founder of the Professional Wrestling School of Hard Knocks. Furthermore, Diamond Dallas Page, Dennis Knight and Mike Awesome are just a few of the stars who have benefited from Keirn’s expertise.

26. Trish Stratus


Patricia Anne Stratigeas has pursued various careers since semi-retiring from her role as Trish Stratus in the mid-‘00s. But one of her biggest successes has been as the owner of an eco-friendly yoga studio hailed as the largest in all of Canada. Stratigeas opened up Stratusphere in Toronto in 2008 and it has since picked up a whole host of coveted business awards.

25. John Nord

Would you buy a car from a man who once named himself The Berzerker? John Nord also competed under the equally fearsome moniker of Nord the Barbarian during his long-running wrestling career. After quitting the ring, the former WCW star took a job at an auto dealership run by his brother in their home state of Minnesota.

24. Brutus Beefcake


WWE Hall of Fame inductee Brutus Beefcake may have been nicknamed The Barber, but the wrestler born Edward Harrison Leslie didn’t turn to cutting people’s hair after retiring from the ring. Instead, the ex-WWF World Tag Team Champion took a position with the public transit system to make a living.

23. George Gray

George Gray hasn’t had the best of luck since retiring from the crazy world of wrestling. The man known as One Man Gang lost his entire house to the floods that devastated Louisiana in 2016. And he was forced to retire from his post-wrestling role as a prison guard due to major back problems.

22. Glacier


Raymond M. Lloyd has admirably focused on giving something back since quitting the sport that launched him to fame. The man best known as masked wrestler Glacier has used his fame to help promote various charitable organizations engaged in the fight against cancer. But to put food on his own table, Lloyd has also taken a full-time role at a Florida marketing company.

21. Tugboat

One half of tag team The Natural Disasters, Fred Ottman competed as a wrestler under the guises of Typhoon and Tugboat. Since leaving the ring, Hulk Hogan’s old ally has served as the safety manager in the Florida city of Lakeland. Ottman also kept one foot in the sporting world – coaching both of his two sons’ Little League teams.

20. Gene Snitsky


Gene Snitsky famously once kicked a baby doll out of the ring while taunting fellow wrestler Lita. Let’s hope, then, that the former WWE star takes better care of the people he’s hired to bodyguard. Yes, Snitsky has put his muscles to good use since exiting the sport by protecting the likes of New York Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez.

19. Tonga Fifita

You’d have gone out of your way to avoid Tonga Fifita during his stints in the WCW and WWF. But since leaving the sport, he has become a much more approachable character. He’s had to be, in fact, as Fitita has since gone on to work as a manager at a Toyota garage in Florida.

18. Diamond Dallas Page


Diamond Dallas Page may have left the world of wrestling, but his current day job is still very much a physical one. The one-time WCW champ teaches his very own yoga program – with some of his students including wrestlers both past and present. Page’s brand of yoga reportedly helps to improve joint flexibility and aid weight reduction.

17. Ivory

Former WWE women’s title holder Ivory was used to dealing with animals in the ring. And as a result, a canine-inspired career change following her wrestling retirement wasn’t too much of a stretch. The star opened an animal grooming and dog-sitting operation following her departure from the sport in 2007, and she’s also since expanded to a bus service that takes her furry clients on days out.

16. Beulah McGillicutty


Beulah McGillicutty got both male wrestlers and ECW fans’ pulses racing thanks to the racy outfits she wore while portraying Tommy Dreamer’s valet. However, since getting hitched and giving birth to twin daughters, she’s adopted a more toned-down image. McGillcutty is now a published author as well – having written a kids’ book.

15. Ted DiBiase

Best known as The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase has swapped revering cold hard cash for worshipping God in one of wrestling’s most surprising career reinventions. After leaving WCW in 1999, the star took on the new role of Christian minister by forming his own Heart of David Ministry.

14. Scotty 2 Hotty


Scotty 2 Hotty – or Scott Taylor – enjoyed 24 years in the wrestling world before finally retiring in 2013. Since then he’s pursued a number of jobs, including those of an EMT, a firefighter and a realtor. In 2016 he returned to the sport that made him famous, however, when Orlando’s WWE Performance Center appointed him as a coach.

13. Rick Steiner

And Scotty 2 Hotty isn’t the only ex-wrestler to try selling houses after leaving the sport. Having obtained his real estate license, Rick Steiner set up his very own eponymous realtor company in Georgia. The one-time WWF and WCW tag-team title holder also assisted in the opening of his sibling Scott’s Shoney’s restaurant.

12. Mideon


Dennis Knight competed in the WCW and WWF under various guises – including Mideon and Phineas I. Godwinn. But the man of many names has moved from dishing out moves in the ring to serving food since retiring. You see, after refining his skills at Cafe Ponte in Florida, the star founded a catering firm.

11. Steve Blackman

Steve Blackman briefly enjoyed stints as an MMA equipment salesman and martial arts tutor after hanging up his wrestling boots. However, he appears to have found his calling in the bail bondsman business. And you certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of a guy with no fewer than half a dozen WWF Hardcore Championships to his name.

10. Rico


Before finding fame as a WWE wrestler, Rico had spent time with the Las Vegas SWAT team and in military training. So it’s perhaps unsurprising to find out that the star has followed another colorful career path since leaving the ring. Rico has since worked as an officer with the U.S. Marshals.

9. Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero still makes the occasional WWE cameo – there was her 2018 appearance at the Royal Rumble, for example. But the ex-Smackdown GM now spends most of her time working in a considerably quieter environment. That’s because, after saying goodbye to the wrestling world, Guerrero took a job as a medical administrator.

8. Jimmy Wang


Jimmy Wang initially tried exterminating bugs for a living after quitting the WWE. But after finding that the profession wasn’t to his liking, the ex-wrestler decided to pursue something a little more fun. Interestingly, Wang set up his own redneck-themed party bus – on which he once took RAW stars TJ Perkins, Brian Kendrick and Tony Nese out to paint the town red.

7. Eve Torres

And Wang isn’t the only WWE star who’s now making a living ensuring that people have fun, as Eve Torres is now an accomplished party events coordinator. The 2007 Diva Search winner turned to the profession after leaving the wrestling world behind six years later.

6. Paul Burchill


Paul Burchill has enjoyed three very different careers over the years. He first worked in his U.K. homeland as a teacher before relocating to the States – where he enjoyed a spell in the WWE. Then, after leaving the franchise in 2010, he changed direction once again by becoming a firefighter.

5. Trevor Murdoch

Trevor Murdoch first caught people’s attention as a member of TNA and ECW tag team The Dupps before reinventing himself as a hick trucker with attitude in the WWE. The man born William Mueller also opened a restaurant while still competing in the sport. After retiring completely in 2017, however, he landed a fiber optics installation job with a firm specializing in heavy equipment.

4. Shawn Stasiak


As the child of WWF champion Stan “The Man” Stasiak, Shawn Stasiak was perhaps always destined to compete in the wrestling ring. But after becoming disenchanted with his comic persona, he decided to opt for a more serious profession: Stasiak is now reportedly one of the finest chiropractors in America.

3. Simon Dean

Simon Dean enjoyed stints as part of the ECW’s Blue World Order and as the WWE’s conceited fitness guru. But since those days, Dean has become more concerned with getting people into financial rather than physical shape through his role as manager of a branch of the Woodforest National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky.

2. Sean O’Haire


Sean O’Haire is responsible for one of the wrestling world’s most unlikely career transitions. You see, after being let go from the WWF in 2004, the star reinvented himself as a hairdresser. Sadly, though, O’Haire committed suicide ten years later.

1. Barry Buchanan

With his 275-pound, 6’6” frame, Barry Buchanan was one of the wrestling world’s most imposing figures back in the late 1990s. Since leaving WWE, however, the star has worked in the field of law enforcement, and he now serves Georgia’s Carroll County as an investigator.