Elon Musk Made A Dark Confession About The Fate Of Travelers On His Mars Mission

Elon Musk has made many brash, bizarre and unsettling comments over the years. But recently, he seems to have outdone himself with a startling confession that has left experts and laymen alike very worried. See, during a recent chat, Musk opened up about his plans to land humans on Mars as early as 2026. But in the process, he inadvertently let slip a sinister admission that wasn't meant for the public. It involves the true fate of those who travel to Mars, and the reality is more unnerving than we ever considered.

For years, experts and science-fiction writers alike have dreamed up ways humans could populate the universe. And, for better or worse, it seems the stage is now set to make this leap a reality. Musk’s a keen believer in traveling outside Earth, of course, but he knows better than anyone the potential for disaster—or all-out tragedy.

Famously, Musk founded SpaceX, which has become the first private company to meet a number of space exploration targets over the last two decades. Yet all that pales in comparison to his ultimate goal: to launch a manned flight to Mars. Yes, we may not have long to wait before humans begin to settle on the Red Planet. But while there are plenty of volunteers clamoring to make the life-changing journey, some may soon learn to regret that decision.

The journey itself may have some brutal challenges, too, and that’s according to Musk himself. When speaking to fellow entrepreneur Peter Diamandis in April 2021, Musk painted a terrifying picture of the first trips to Mars. And if his bleak prediction is to be believed, the folks on these pioneering missions will need to be made of stern stuff.

Not that this has put Musk off trying, mind you. He’s long nurtured a passion for life on other planets. Back in 2001, the young, successful business magnate came up with the idea for a project named Mars Oasis – an initiative to grow plants in an alien atmosphere. But when he attempted to turn his dream into reality, he realized that the necessary technology was out of his price range.