40 Clever Uses For Baby Powder That Prove It Isn’t Just For Moms

Do you believe that baby powder is solely a tool for moms? If so, you’re in for a surprise! This product can actually be helpful in some weird and wonderful ways. So from anti-acne masks to pet shampoo, we’ve decided to take a closer look at 40 other ways you can put this versatile household item to use.

40. Set your make-up

To all the women out there – don’t you just hate it when your make-up starts to run in the middle of the day? It’s not a great look! Well, a helping of baby powder could prevent that from happening again, according to BT.com. Thanks to its absorbent properties, talcum powder should protect your cosmetics from greasy skin.

39. Fix squeaky floors

Ah, squeaky floors – the bane of our existence. Just try naming a more irritating sound around the house! But before you think about tearing the boards up in frustration, it might be an idea to grab some baby powder. The website Home Hacks claims that dusting the talc into the gaps between panels will help stifle out the noise.

38. Rubber glove hack

Putting on a rubber glove isn’t as easy as you’d think. After all, the material has a tendency to stick to your skin. But there’s actually a way around it. Yes, Home Hacks argues that sprinkling a little bit of talcum powder on your mitts should help the glove slide on without any issues.

37. Wax protection


Naturally, waxing the area above your lips isn’t the most pleasant of jobs. But did you know that baby powder can prevent any unfortunate after-effects? The product’s properties can apparently ease skin aggravation and stop red marks from forming, according to Home Hacks. All you need to do is dust it above your upper lip prior to the wax.

36. Freshen up your closet

Are you sick and tired of that dank smell emanating from your closet? Well, we’ve got a solution for that. First off, BT.com suggests grabbing an empty container and some baby powder. Then, drop a light measurement of the latter into the former and then place it in the wardrobe. The product should absorb the dampness in the air – getting rid of the scent as a result.

35. Remove grease stains


Grease stains can be an absolute nightmare to deal with – especially if they end up on a favorite shirt or dress. Don’t fret, though. Try sprinkling a dash of talcum powder on a soft pad and scrubbing it into the dirty spot, Reader’s Digest recommends. It might take a few tries, but the greasy blemishes should eventually dissipate. Problem solved!

34. Prevent chafing

If you’re a keen exerciser, there’s a good chance that you’ll be familiar with chafing. The marks it leaves behind will have you wincing. But why not get ahead of the issue? According to BT.com, pouring a bit of baby powder over your thighs should stop the skin in those areas rubbing during your workouts. We can sense your relief from here.

33. Untangle jewelry


Knotted-up jewelry can test even the most patient person. So, how can you sort out the mess without making it worse? The solution might actually be sitting in your bathroom cabinet. According to Home Hacks, dusting some talc over the problematic area will add lubrication to the surface. Now the tangles won’t be so difficult to fix!

32. Makeshift pet shampoo

Let’s be honest here – do any of you enjoy washing your pets? To say it’s a daunting job would be an understatement. Before the next bath time rolls around, though, give this a try. Sprinkle some baby powder over your furry friend and rub it into their hair, Home Hacks says. The product should soak up any skin grease. It’ll leave a nice scent when you wash it off in the tub, too!

31. Thicken your eyelashes


Struggling to add volume to your eyelashes? Well, if you’re willing to get creative, there could be a simple way to solve that problem. As per BT.com, all you need to do is wipe a little bit of baby powder on the lashes – ahead of grabbing your mascara. The talc is essentially a makeshift “primer” in this instance.

30. Freshen up musty books

Books sitting in a damp space for a lengthy period of time tend to accumulate a nasty scent. But you can actually remove those smells by sprinkling baby powder on the pages, according to Home Hacks. Once the paper’s dry, drop the product throughout the book and allow it to rest until the next day. Then discard the talc after that.

29. High heels hack


As any lady will tell you, high heels aren’t the most comfortable of shoes. They can rub and cause your tootsies to puff up. Though is there a way to stop that from happening? Well, Home Hacks claims that you could turn to talcum powder. If you pour some into the heels prior to slipping them on, it’ll shield your feet from the problematic friction.

28. Beat sweat stains

Urgh, sweat stains. These horrible marks have ruined many a shirt down the years. Though some clever thinking can stop the spots from appearing altogether, Home Hacks claims. Yes, just dust a bit of baby powder around the arms and collar of a garment when you come to iron it. After rubbing the talc in, your clothes should now be impervious to perspiration!

27. Cool your sheets


As the weather starts to get warmer, your bed can transform into a horrible place. And the sheets offer little in the way of comfort. Yet you can cool the material down by scattering baby powder across it, according to BT.com. This simple act should stop you from sweating buckets during the night.

26. Makeshift modeling paste

Running low on modeling paste at home? Well, don’t worry: there’s no need to rush out to the store to buy more. You can actually whip up a makeshift batch yourself! All you need is some mod podge, paint and talcum powder, Home Hacks says. Then, just stir those three together and voila! Job done.

25. Deter rabbits and beetles


It’s not always easy to maintain the plants in your garden – especially if you’re beset by pests. Yet baby powder could be the perfect deterrent. According to DIY Everywhere, you can keep rabbits away from growing flowers after dusting the latter. It’ll also stop Japanese beetles wreaking havoc as well. Talk about an effective shield!

24. Makeshift air freshener

Is your house smelling a little stale? Well, often an air freshener can solve that problem. But why go out and buy one when you can create it yourself? A combination of baby powder and essential oils will give off a highly pleasant scent. So, stick that in a jar and leave it in a room. You’ll quickly notice the difference!

23. Lipstick hack


Certain lipsticks have a tendency to come off after a short period of time. It’s pretty annoying, right? Well, to prevent that from happening, Home Hacks recommends grabbing some baby powder and a tissue as you’re putting it on. Once the first layer is in place, stick the latter on top. Then, rub the talc across it before adding the second layer. And voila!

22. Remove blood stains

Dealing with blood stains isn’t as simple as you’d think. Water alone won’t rid your shirts or carpets of the marks, and you could instead make it worse. But fear not: according to Home Hacks, you just need to mix a helping of water with baby powder. The resulting blend can then be smeared over the area. Once it hardens, you then simply wipe the concoction off!

21. Soothe dry skin


Baby powder is known for its absorbent qualities, though it can also be utilized as a makeshift moisturizer for dry skin. By dusting the product over the problematic spots, DIY & Crafts claims that it’ll smooth out the roughness. Pretty neat, huh? And baby powder is quite effective in fighting cracked heels, too. So, if you’ve exhausted your skincare options, it’s worth a go.

20. Loosen shoelace knots

We’ve all been there at one time or another when a shoelace knot becomes impossible to untangle. Yet your life can be made a lot easier in those instances with a bit of talc. Simply tap the powder over the shoelaces and carefully work them free, Home Hacks suggests. Yep, you’ll be done before you know it.

19. Laptop hack


Thanks to sweaty and greasy fingers, a laptop’s touchpad can get quite dirty after a while. And of course, that muck will have an impact on the surface’s sensitivity. But did you know that baby powder can help? Home Hacks recommends dusting some talcum powder over the pad, and you’ll be able to slide along your touchpad like it was brand-new.

18. Deter night-time critters

Oh, raccoons – why do these cute night-time creatures have to be so destructive in the garden?! If you’ve grown tired of their antics, though, grab the baby powder from your bathroom cabinet. Then the DIY Everywhere website suggests sprinkling it on the soil around your plants. You see, the aforementioned animals don’t like the product due to its texture.

17. Freshen up your carpets


Over time, carpets can develop a bit of an unpleasant smell. And that’s especially true when you’ve got animals in the house. But the issue can be rectified! Start off by pouring a small amount of talc onto the rug, BT.com suggests. After that, allow it to rest for roughly 15 minutes – before running a vacuum cleaner over the powder. And the resulting scent will be lovely.

16. Removing shine

To explain this next hack, the proprietor of the website LesBijouteries.com spoke to StyleCaster. Geri Barnes said, “I learned this little trick from a photographer working on [a] photo shoot. [Talcum powder] absorbs the perspiration on the face and keeps down the shine. [It really works] with darker skin tones, because [those] tones reflect more under the cameras!”

15. Makeshift deodorant


If you’re struggling to find a deodorant that works for you, have you considered utilizing baby powder instead? Yes, we’re being serious. The product is more than capable of dealing with underarm sweat and taking out bad smells. You only need to dust your hands and then rub it into the pits.

14. Remove sand

As Anakin Skywalker once said, “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.” Well, maybe if the Star Wars character knew about this hack, he’d think differently! You see, talcum powder can help remove sand when it sticks to your arms or legs, according to Home Hacks. Just sprinkle it on and you’re away.

13. Ant repellent


Ants can become a big problem if they start to find ways into your house. And it’s especially frustrating when you can’t locate the entry point. But instead of losing your rag, you could call upon the baby powder in your bathroom. The product can act like a makeshift repellent, as the bugs won’t want to wade through it.

12. Card deck hack

“Pick a card – any card! Oh, the deck’s stuck together.” After a while you’ll probably experience this with your pack of cards, as the material gets worn away. No need to buy another box, though. According to Home Hacks, all you’ve got to do is massage a helping of talc on to the surface and start shuffling.

11. Protect your flowers


Is there a sadder sight for a gardener than that of a decaying flower? It hurts to see! Mind you, this can be avoided if you’ve got a tub of baby powder handy. Prior to sticking the bloom into the soil, Home Hacks recommends dusting both the roots and bulbs. Apparently, that simple action will stop it from withering away.

10. Makeshift dry shampoo

If you’re looking to save money on dry shampoos, you could create your own batch at home. To pull that off, Home Hacks says, you’d need baking soda and baby powder. Once you’ve got hold of them, stir a quarter-cup of both ahead of rubbing the mixture on your head. Then, comb it into your hair – the grease won’t stand a chance!

9. Aftershave substitute


Finding the right aftershave can be a little challenging – especially if it irritates your skin. Then again, baby powder could be a more-than-worthy substitute. Think about it: the product has a desirable scent and its contents won’t agitate the shaven area. Plus, it’s less costly. Worth a go at least, right?

8. Freshen up your cat’s litter box

As anyone with a cat will tell you, the litter box can quickly build up a vile smell if you’re not too careful. One way to avoid that is by dusting baby powder into the litter itself. The nice scent will counteract the bad. Yet this only works if you stick with it – so continue replenishing the talc as and when the tray gets washed.

7. Beat tight clothes


Don’t you just hate it when your favorite pants start to become much tighter than before? No matter what you try, they just won’t budge. Well, don’t throw them away. Try sprinkling a bit of talcum powder on your legs instead. It will act like a lubricant of sorts.

6. Close small cuts

Shaving nicks can be pretty painful and produce a surprising amount of blood. Normally, a torn bit of tissue should be enough to stop the bleeding, but there are other options. According to StyleCaster, talc can help stem the flow when you apply it to the laceration,  Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say?

5. Spills and odors


Spills are bad enough by themselves – but smelly spillages? Oh boy. They’re the worst, aren’t they? Don’t let your house fall victim to them! To swerve the stench, be sure to get rid of the liquid and the resulting marks first. After that, dust a helping of baby powder over the surface, Home Hacks recommends. Give it a couple of hours or so, and then hoover up the talc.

4. Treat eczema

To explain this next hack, a skin expert named Dr. Justine Hextall spoke to BT.com. She said, “If you find that eczema-prone areas of skin get hot and sweaty throughout the day and are making the irritation worse, use a mild medicated talcum powder to calm the affected skin. The zinc and allantoin in [there] will help to soothe the symptoms and therefore prevent scratching.”

3. Smooth legs


Are you planning to wax your legs any time soon? Well, you might want to take this on board. When the time comes, BT.com recommends wiping some baby powder along them. The product will subsequently soak up any sweat or grease that’s residing in your skin. In turn, the waxing should be a lot easier as it’ll have a clearer path to the hair.

2. Anti-acne mask

Ah, acne – what an annoying skin condition this is. For some people, it continues beyond their teenage years and nothing seems to clear the problem up. But talc could be a potential solution. By mixing it with a dab of water in a bowl, the subsequent paste can reportedly be utilized as an anti-acne mask.

1. Freshen up your shoes


After a long day on your feet, there’s a good chance that the interior of your shoes will be soaked in sweat. Before it leaves a horrible scent behind, though, grab the baby powder from your cupboard. From there, sprinkle it into each shoe. It’ll freshen those trainers up in no time!