Pamela Anderson's Sons Are All Grown Up And Causing Quite A Stir

It wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven: former Playboy model and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the hard-partying drummer for Mötley Crüe. The pair married within days of knowing each other, and divorce came three years later. Not before they’d had two sons, though, who were brought up in the midst of their parents' constant scandals. But now the boys are all grown up and are attracting their own attention.

Celebrity kids

For Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee, childhood was always going to be that little bit different. Going around with hordes of paparazzi on their tails would have to be the norm. And that’s because they were born at one of the most scandalous points in their parents’ lives.

Drama in and out

Whenever the family went out, cameras flashed. But the press’ obsession with Anderson and Lee didn’t begin overnight. In truth, the turmoil really began all the way back when they first become lovers. It was a story every newspaper wanted to get their hands on.

His way

In Rolling Stone's 2001 article "The Ballad of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee," Lee described his version of their love story. And it sounds pretty wild from the get-go. After Lee had met Anderson at a New Year's Eve party, he was, quite frankly, obsessed.

Obsessive quest

Lee described how, in 1995, upon learning of a modeling trip booked for Anderson, he was so desperate for a first date that he booked his own flight to the same place. Yep, he traveled to Cancún after her and painstakingly searched hotels until he found where she was staying.